Luxury Independent Collections

Salt Clarity Advanced Eyecare

Inspired by nature's effortless beauty, Salt. combines the best of California lifestyle and the best of Japanese craftsmanship. The Salt. collections are best described as simple, classic, and timeless. Click Here for more.

etnia_logo Clarity Advanced EyecareFrom Barcelona, Etnia Barcelona has created a wide range of colors, collections, and designs for everyone who wants to express themselves beyond the cannons imposed by momentary and passing fashion. They offer a product with an intelligent design, made out of sustainable materials, with the best quality components and at a great price. With 9 color options for every frame design, Etnia Barcelona has its own identity on the borders of fashion, art, and design sectors. Click Here for more.

Bevel Clarity Advanced EyecareBevel combines a modern, minimalist design aesthetic with outstanding workmanship. They create eyewear that is both understated and timeless - and free of distracting logos or ornamentation. Colors are carefully crafted to complement skin tones, silhouettes are adapted to facial shapes, and frames are designed to fit and maintain their form. Let Bevel fit you. Click Here for more.

drift Clarity Advanced Eyecare
The concept for DRIFT has always been to create fresh, beautiful products with an emphasis on responsible sourcing. DRIFT frames are all handmade in Chicago, IL from sustainable woods and biodegradable acetate. DRIFT is for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the quality of human craftsmanship. Click Here for more.

Markust_logo Clarity Advanced Eyecare100% handcrafted in Germany, Markus T glasses are manufactured by people with a fine touch and a love for precision. Markus T frames are so light and comfortable that the wearer barely notices them. Their screwless hinge and lens mounting technology provides an alternative that is low-maintenance and long-lasting. The pure design and intelligent technical construction conveys an elegant simplicity that has delighted jurors at international design contests. Click Here for more.

activist_eyewear Clarity Advanced EyecareThe founders of Activist Eyewear are obsessed with exploration, both physical and creative. They went looking for a totally unorthodox approach to eyewear and made some amazing discoveries. Their unique combination of Classic Style & High Performance is a radical departure from the way eyewear is ‘supposed’ to look and function. But once you’ve worn Activist Eyewear, you’ll agree that some rules are better off broken. Click Here for more.

entourage_of_7 Clarity Advanced EyecareEntourage of 7 is luxury eyewear based in Los Angeles and influenced by the city in which it originates. In the City of Angels - an ever-changing multicultural melting pot, Eof7 finds joy in pushing forward, constantly being courageously creative. They aim to design beautiful spectacles for rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach - the birthplace of Entourage of 7. From classic Japanese hinges with double rivets hammered into zyl acetate frames to laser cut aluminum alloys and titanium, Entourage of 7 honors the vintage traditions and embraces progress. Just like Los Angeles is constantly changing - so is Eof7. Click Here for more.

Bellinger Clarity Advanced EyecareBellinger makes you feel;

Bellinger's aim is to make a statement, leave an impression, make you feel ... something. Happiness, joy, passion, cool ...? Bellinger will not be invisible, grey, tasteless. It will always have the extra flavor that makes it interesting. It can be in the shapes, or in the details - it can be their unique color combinations or the cuttings - it can be the combinations of materials. Click Here for more.

modo Clarity Advanced EyecareMODO is a privately owned boutique company with a passion for simplicity, sophistication, and individualism. Architect of details, MODO creates eyewear collections with a lean toward tailor made craftsmanship. MODO is a leader in the eyewear industry for sustainability and social responsibility with their "Buy a Frame-Give a Frame" program. For every MODO frame sold, they donate one to someone in need. Click Here for more.

eco Clarity Advanced EyecareEco's approach is based on the pillars "Look Good", "Feel Food", "Do Good". Eco is the only eyewear brand made of 95% recycled material, and a tree is planted for every frame sold. Eco empowers customers to donate their unwanted eyewear to people in need by reusing eco's packaging, which provides the gift of sight to 314 million adults and children worldwide. Click Here for more.

Derek_Lam Clarity Advanced EyecareSince his 2003 debut, the CFDA-award winner has mastered precise silhouettes with soft, womanly leanings and a subtle seventies homage. Each frame in the Derek Lam collection is luxurious yet wearable, feminine but not fussy, with a refined yet sensual aesthetic. Click Here for more.

Prodesign Clarity Advanced EyecareStrongly rooted in classic Danish design, ProDesign still dares to be bold and optimistic, creating award-winning quality products with an aesthetic appeal and a little unexpected twist. This philosophy continues to deliver frames that not only are beautiful design objects, but also enhance and complete the best facial features. Click Here for more.